What areas do you service?
Bryan and College Station, Texas
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Will the pet sitter care for my pets in my home or theirs?
We will visit your pets in your own home. This helps maintain their routine in familiar surroundings and reduce anxiety and stress when the pet owner is absent.
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What will the visits include?
For dogs, we recommend a minimum of two (2) visits per day. It really depends on your dog's needs. For cats and other animals, we do a minimum of one (1) visit per day.

During each visit we take your pet for an outside break, refresh food and water, clean litter box and engage them with playing time. At the time of the visits, a daily log will be completed to list status and service performed. Most visits are 30 minutes in length.

We provide home care services, including mail or newspaper pick up, plant care, placing trash outside for pickup or rotating the lights and opening or closing the blinds.
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What are the fees for pet sitting services?
Please refer to the services tab on our website for more details. We accept cash or check, but do not accept credit cards at this time.
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How do I get started with Myers and Me Pet Sitting services?
Please contact Patricia Barron, Owner, at 979-574-0149 to schedule a FREE initial consultation. You and your pet will meet the pet sitter to get acquainted, along with discussion of service needs and ensure that the proper paperwork is completed. This includes a Service Agreement, the Pet Profile and the Veterinarian Release form. At this time, the pet sitter will obtain and test house key and obtain fees. Your security is important to us, so we ask that we keep your master key while you are gone and return the key to you in person when you arrive back home.
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What kind of animals do you care for?
We specialize in the care of dogs, cats and small animals. No reptiles or exotic pets, sorry.
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How far in advance do I need to make a reservation?
If you are a current client, we take last minute reservations. As a new client, we will make every effort to accommodate last minute reservations, however, a 72 hour notification is required to ensure that a pet sitter has visited your home to meet you and your pet(s), all the necessary forms are completed and a house key is obtained.
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What if my property or pet is damaged while I am gone?
We know that when the owner is away the pet(s) will play. We cannot accept responsibility for the unpredictable behavior of pet(s). For example, if the pet(s) cause damage to furniture, carpets, floors, etc.. Additionally, if your pets have access to the outside, we are NOT responsible for injury, disappearance, or fines.
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What if want to cancel services?
A 48 hour cancelation notice is required to receive a full refund. If less than 48 hours arefund will not be issued.
*All holiday reservations are non refundable due to the high demand of our services.
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